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The augmented reality of Google search in Spain has more and more options. Already at the beginning of the year we saw how it allows us to show 3d animals From the Google search right in the middle of our room.

This feature is expanding to more and more areas, able to see in search Dinosaurs Or even fictional characters Baby yoda. Google is starting to introduce a new feature that, while not as fun, can be very practical.

Life-size cars in augmented reality

Although Google announced the event some time ago, it was not until today to roll it out to everyone. Like the rest of the available experience, in both Google applications and web search.

Google has added over 250 cars to its search engine, according to some cars introduced in Google’s cloud Rajan Patel (VP of Engineering at Google), which is possible to provide the most photorealistic experience possible.

To do this, it is necessary to have an ARCore-compatible mobile and look for one of the available models (in our case, we tested with the Volvo XC40 recharge). Button will appear in Google search Away and 3d That we have to suppress.

Once pressed, we can see the car in three dimensions. If we press Look at your space, We can superimpose it in the real world using a mobile camera. This function enables us to see, among other things, how much space the car will occupy in the garage.

Apart from this possibility, within the Google application we can see the car in different scenarios, change the car model or even see the same model with any of the available colors, quite impressive.

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