GranWu Fantasy: Relink adds PS5 version, launches in 2022; 23 minutes of gameplay

Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Action RPG Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin In addition to its previously announced PlayStation 4 version in 2022, will launch for the PlayStation 5, publisher and developer Sygames announced here Greene Blue Fantasy Phase 2020.

In addition, the publisher premiered a new 23-minute gameplay demo featuring Gran and Digita, devices, abilities, party formation and airship stage and boss fights.

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RelinkRelease window

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin

RelinkIts development so far

  • .Gust 2016
  • December 2017
  • December 2018
  • December 2019

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin

વર્તમાન Current phase of development

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin Is Pass the following stages Development:

  • First executable – The game is in playable mode so that the realization of the game can be experienced.
  • Pre-production – Missing elements are added and problems identified in the first playable build are corrected. The main part of the game is played out in preparation for the development of.
  • Tical also slices – A limited amount of characters, maps, objects and features are available, but a small portion of the core gameplay can be experienced in near-finish quality. The final budget and development schedule are determined based on the quality of this build of the game.

And that Currently at the following stages Development:

  • Alpha version – The various features and resources are either incomplete or are using temporary assets, but its full game is in a normally playable state.

The remaining stages The development includes the following:

  • Beta version – Full implementation of planned facilities and resources. Some potential bugs and interruptions may still need to be fixed, but the game should be close to a release status.
  • Master – Ready for release. Usually three to six months before the actual divorce. Day-one patches have become commonplace with development.

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin

જી Short-lived protagonist: blue

Blue was originally created to be a protagonist at an early stage Relink, Replacing Gran and Digita from the mobile game. Some time after 2015, Gran and Digita were no longer considered empty slates for players to present themselves, but characters with their own unique personalities. Due to their growing popularity among players, the decision to keep the Blue in favor of Gran and Dijata was taken at an early stage of development.

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin

Blu’s character design had a coyote look Gran Blue Fantasy: Versus As the 11 colors of diversity. Internally, this color was nicknamed “a nostalgic color,” but

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin

Her outfit has since been revived for Gran and Dijita, who will change into this outfit at some point in the story.

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin

■ Development cycle after the developer changes


  • Assuring fans that there is no news of development does not mean that development is not happening. ”
    • Make a commitment to address any concerns by releasing new information by the end of the year.
  • The big increase in team size at Osaka Sigams calls for a bigger work environment.
    • Creating workflow plans, preparing development tools, turning Osaka studios into full-featured back office fees.
  • Focus on creating a structure for the development organization rather than speed.
    • Focus on the content to show the implementation team GranW Face. Restructuring development plans that were still incomplete, such as improving the game engine, etc. To implement in time for the 2022 release.
  • Implement real-time four-player gameplay GranW Face.
  • Demonstrate game discovery featuring new resources created in 2019.
    • Gauge the amount of work required to recreate a game action game from the ground up.
    • Evaluate the performance of the new engine to identify potential development issues below the line.


  • Resolve the issues found inside the game engine in 2019.
    • Work to improve the game’s engine began in early 2020 and was due to be completed by August 2020. Finished on schedule, greatly improving development efficiency (especially in terms of graphics).
  • Start development on all parts of the game based on the final documentation.
    • Start developing on all components of the game simultaneously in addition to the presentation shown in 2020.
  • Finalize the development schedule to include PlayStation 5 support and begin the main development phase.
    • We are currently nearing the final stage of development and moving forward in wealth creation!

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin

Sigames Magazine article

Don’t miss the next issue Sigames Magazine For a special article about December 14th RelinkNo graphics!

Gran Blue Fantasy: Rejoin

Check out the latest gameplay demo below (from 6:16:50 to 6:39:50).

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