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And it is very difficult. Find people who also understand value, know how to sell it well and then don’t sell things that aren’t right, make ethical mistakes, leak information, etc.

Even with facts and evidence, it is not always possible to bring in companies. Larger companies often want SLAs and do business with large-capacity companies, rather than a smart guy who structurally gives them better results.

Many policy makers, decision makers and buyers cannot anticipate that difference. And one cannot imagine that big security companies offer less good solutions. There should be blind spots even in very large areas.

You can often only show that something is more effective for them once applied. Before, they cannot imagine that anything like this is possible and their current parties cannot.
They also inform them that what is being proposed is unsafe and does not include AI and other unnecessary features, which the marketing department has convinced buyers and leaders over the years that they are necessary.

If you do not reduce anything, it should be found later, scanned. Which makes a lot of money. So if a small party provides permanent mitigation and scans a factor 15 times faster and has no scalability issues, then even at 10,000x the current vendor has no current limit, and then incurs lower costs. , And it has no dependency on the platform itself, so it simply performs 100% functions within every network… Well, security, parallelization and scalability by design… This is not possible according to the advisors that those other products Used to sell or configure …

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These are often the same advisors that help assess large companies … The most important KPIs (permanent mitigation, performance, isolation, cost) are often overlooked. Many points go to AI, update lists etc.

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