Hackers loot bored apes worth millions

Hackers loot bored apes worth millions

from Valentin Sattler ,
Hackers took over the Instagram page of Bore Ape Yacht Club, luring users to a scam website. In this way, the value of the stolen NFTs is being told as seven digits.

In parallel with the never-ending hype about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, which are also based on a blockchain, are becoming increasingly popular. However, NFTs are not intended to represent monetary currencies, but rights: each NFT contains unique digital content such as an image, and its “origin” belongs to the owner of the NFT.

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The fact that “original” cannot be distinguished from “copy” in the digital world is apparently irrelevant to fans of the technology as the lack of a legal basis for such ownership. But that doesn’t stop all the hype: six or seven-figure sums were paid for some NFTs, such as some photos from “Bor Ape Yacht Club”.

Such a huge amount makes the associated NFTs attractive to hackers, and Bored Ape Yacht Club has been the victim of a similar attack recently. Notably, the Instagram account and, according to PC Gamer, the organization’s Discord channel were also taken over.

The attacker then distributed a scam link that allegedly offered more NFT content. However, anyone who follows this link and links their account then transfers the stored Bored App NFTs to the hacker’s account.

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According to Bored Ape Yacht Club, the Instagram account was actually secured using two-factor authentication. How the hack happened is being investigated. There is no information about the value of NFTs stolen in this way, and due to the high volatility, this should also be difficult. Reportedly, however, it is an amount in the lower seven-digit range.

Source: pc gamers


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