Hackers Stole Cryptocurrency Worth Over 80 Million Euros!

Hackers Stole Cryptocurrency Worth Over 80 Million Euros!

While we admire the capabilities of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin To be safe, we just learned that over 80 million euros have been stolen from a Japanese stock exchange! How could this have happened? Is Your Cryptocurrency Investment Safe? Let’s look at it all together.

How more than 80 million euros in cryptocurrency could have been stolen

So let’s be a little more specific: it’s perfect 83 million euros ($97 million) that was stolen from Japanese exchange platform Liquid. Don’t look for vans that exit the company’s premises: Everything was done by a team of hackers who used simple computers connected to the Internet… in fact, they’ve entered Liquid’s digital platform, And overall have managed to crack many wallets. that now you know.

However, it is worth noting that the Japanese company, with the help of a London-based company Elliptic, Makes every effort to find this cryptocurrency. For example, it will already be at the mark of an amount equal to 16.3 million euros. Ethereum, which has already been blocked. As we were telling you, this type of currency is very secure: every transaction can be followed by investigators, especially thanks to the well-known blockchain technology. Hope that’s enough to find the rest…

How to secure your investment in cryptocurrency(s)

Therefore, you must be wondering whether your investment in cryptocurrencies is safe? Overall don’t be afraid Exchange platforms are quite secure. However, that doesn’t stop you from taking some action. choose the first of these A password (on the said platform) to access your account is the most secure, and do not share it with anyone other than yourself or your (your) close relatives. Never enter this password on the Internet through a site that can be hacked… Lastly, you can also set double authentication : Every time you use your crypto wallet, you will receive an SMS.

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However, if you have invested large sums of money, you can invest them on digital safes. These have increased security which can be of great help to you during an attack. Also, if you want to be really cool, you can invest in a hardware wallet. With the latter, you won’t have to save your cryptocurrency online: it’ll be a kind of ultra-secure USB key! In the event of an attack, you will have absolutely no fear: everything is stored on the key and no one has access to it as it does not connect to the Internet when the PC is not connected. The only thing that can happen to you is to lose it… so you have to be careful that it doesn’t happen.

In short, if you want to avoid having your cryptocurrency stolen, as we have seen in Japan in recent times, it is up to you to make sure all of your access is secure. You will be able to sleep soundly with both ears


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