Has the internet gone? Profico Izzy responds to complaints about failures and analyzes class action lawsuits


This week Easy There was a trend in the network due to its service failures and the problem was reached Profeco (Office of the Attorney General), which has already asked users to formally submit their complaints to address the provider simultaneously. That is, present A Criminal case.

Here is the message from the Attorney General’s office: “Profico reiterated its full commitment to affected users, whom it formally invited to submit its complaints and reports, to analyze the possibility of taking collective action against this provider due to the continued failures of this network. Could. “

As far as complaints are collected, Izzy should demonstrate their origin and prove it Failures recorded on 10 February —What forces must be argued for and, moreover, compensation to their customers.

Before going with Information Here’s what the Izzi has to do and how Prosecco responded, contacting the Attorney General to file a complaint or request information:

  • Consumer telephone number: 55 5568 8722 and number 800 468 8722.
  • similarity: [email protected]
  • Twitter: @Profeco
  • Door: http://telefonodelconsumidor.gob.mx
  • Or Avenida JosĂ© Vasconcelos No. in Mexico City 208, Piso 14, Colonia Condesa, in the central offices of CuauhtĂ©moc City Hall.

Profeco investigates Izzi failures following user complaints; Class action lawsuit analyzes

According to Profico, failures were more affected during February 10 10 thousand users, In addition to being persistent, as reports suggest, problems with the service were reported for more than two hours.

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What was Izzy’s formal reaction? Well, it was not immediate. According to Propco, IFT (Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones) still had not received reports on the causes of problems in Internet service.

Photo: Getty Images.

And this is that Suppliers They should inform the IFT, within 12 hours of failure, about problems in their service.

As it did not, a letter was sent to Izzy – a company that is also in charge of Xtel – to roll out information about the failures and as such, keep their customers informed.


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