Hawaii: Ultimate Coal Delivery and Tesla Megapack

hawaii tesla megapack akku rendering

Work has been going on for some time to keep the energy supply of the US state of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a permanent basis. Among other things, there are plans to shut down the last remaining coal-fired power plant on the island of Oahu and replace it with a larger battery system from the Tesla Megapack. And now the past and the future meet almost directly: according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the final coal delivery for Hawaii and the megapack for the new plant arrived at the same time.

Tesla boss showed change in Hawaii

According to the website for the Kapoli Energy Storage (KES) battery project on Oahu, the fossil power plant on the same island was actually scheduled to shut down in early September. Like the installation of the Tesla battery, it seems to be delayed, but is now drawing to a close. This is supported by the arrival of the final coal delivery as well as the mega pack, according to Musk.

One of the photos published Thursday by a Tesla boss shows a tall ship in port that is likely to be carrying coal. A small image with an enlarged portion of the background attached to it. “Last shipment of coal arrives in Hawaii, KES site in background,” reads the text above it. The smaller photo doesn’t show much, albeit a larger one, but Musk posted another with the feature in the foreground.

About 40 white blocks can be seen from the air on a triangular flat area similar to computer plans for the project (see photo above). it should be about one tesla megapack each Act, and about 30 more of them are ready on shore. After the initial announcement of the KES project in May 2020, a total of 158 megapacks were reported with a combined production capacity of 185 MW and 565 MWh. To accomplish this, the same number of modules as in the Musk photo should be needed.

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Restart Megapack in case of power failure

Tesla batteries could play a central role in the island’s clean energy supply when they come and install, and the last coal isn’t burned away from them. Like other systems of this type, it is designed to store electricity from renewable sources when it is available in abundance. In addition, it should also be used for restarts if the entire network collapses – according to a Report from local publication Canary Media This was caused by earthquakes and hurricanes in 2006 and 2008. Furthermore, the rapid response capability of the Megapack system should prevent such cases from the start. The electricity supply in Hawaii is becoming not only cleaner, but safer.


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