He developed a doll with AI to support the elderly in times of isolation. in tokyo

  He developed a doll with AI to support the elderly in times of isolation.  in tokyo

A Japanese toy company made a Wrist with artificial intelligenceShe) To be able to talk with him and reduce the feeling of loneliness of the elderly during the isolation due to the pandemic COVID-19.

baptized as ami chan, the doll company was developed by Takara Tomy. It has a color or facial recognition chip and artificial intelligence that helps you develop a personality and changes your reactions and interactions based on the frequency of attention or interaction with it.

The company on Wednesday introduced Ami-chan, which emerged in the current context of the pandemic and after detecting a surge in demand for communication products among the elderly, as noted in a statement.

Ami-chan, a smart girl

Ami-chan’s nerve center is found on the strut of his chest, where Chip and Ai were implanted.

Doll was designed with the appearance of a little granddaughter. Her voice is that of a girl, it’s not a robot. It has calendar functions for conducting conversations related to different seasons and times of year or birthdays.

It was also designed to sing or recite tongue twisters, or to perform activities that have been shown to stimulate certain areas of the brain and help keep it active. Thus it aims to prevent the decline associated with aging.

Its size, 30 centimeters, makes it easy to hold. The toy firm has a line of similar communication products, known as Omnibots, which Ami-chan included.

Japan: an aging population

About 40% of its buyers are over the age of 65. Japan has one of the oldest societies in the world. According to government statistics, about 36 million people over this age live in the country and about 6 million live alone.

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covid-19 pandemic This had a huge impact on the community, which saw their opportunities to communicate with family or friends reduce due to social distancing measures, leading to their isolation.

The Ami-chan will first launch in Japan on August 27, and the company is expected to sell around 50,000 units annually.


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