He was browsing Google Maps and came across a terrible image. History

  He was browsing Google Maps and came across a terrible image.  History

A young american who is I was enjoying surfing the internet With ceremony Google the road He was suddenly surprised to find one Esoteric and husky shape. Immediately, the girl, fond of social networks, recorded her discovery and managed to capture one in which it is seen Awesome effect, Which is not clear what it is anyway. a ghost? A body? Nobody knows what this is about yet.


It is very common that applications Google MapsIn which millions of people browse for sites, they have allowed hundreds of Internet users around the world to discover unusual situations. From infidelity, accidents or wild animals to the audience in the middle of the city, inexplicably objects and situations that could be paranormal events. This is, apparently, one of those cases in which there are a lot of questions and missing answers, but the key to resolving the unknown is the image the user was able to capture. I know Is about a strange shape that is embedded in a tree, in Vast and lonely forest.

It was fury in all networks

The woman uploaded the shocking search to her account with the question “What do you think about it“, Hundreds and thousands of users not only gave their answers He also saw pictures. Surprise. Amazement Panic and other sensations were felt by those who could see the file collected by the American girl. With the passage of hours, the situation had almost reached a national and world state which had recently reached our latitudes. It is to be noted that the mystery has not yet been solved and none, all but one person who echoes the case, managed to provide information that clarifies the facts.

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This is not the first time

Google’s geolocation platform is a great tool developed by the Internet giant, which almost unexpectedly witnesses inexplicable paranormal conditions. Many times already people share strange episodes that border the puzzler on their profiles of various social networks.


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