Here are the new features

Here are the new features

The new mobile Google operating system is ready and ready to be upgraded. available . is the final version of Android 13 Initially exclusively for Google’s own smartphones.

Even if you use a cell phone from another manufacturer, you still have to be patient. Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, Motorola, ZTE, Asus and all other brands will only distribute the update to Android 13 in the coming months.

These smartphones will get Android 13 from now

  • google pixel 4
  • google pixel 4a
  • google pixel 5
  • google pixel 5a
  • google pixel 6
  • google pixel 6 pro
  • google pixel 6a

it means that Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a which no longer receives the operating system version.

Android 13 with many innovations

Android 12 provided the most far-reaching innovation in design Android operating system for years. The changes brought by Android 13 aren’t that deep, but they impress many small areas bring some more new features on Android phone.

Here are the big innovations in Android 13:

  • new media player
  • Materials bring you more color options
  • own qr scanner
  • better security settings
  • new language setting

New functions at a glance

Among other things, a modified media Player To a new view of media playback. With a new progress bar, for example, it’s possible to navigate more precisely.

More personalization The advanced “Materials You” theme brings. new color theme are available for selection and the theme colors automatically adapt to the wallpaper. Also, developers can provide different app icons to choose from.

Available now with Android 13 own qr code scanner for settlement. QR codes could also be scanned using the camera in the past, but this should now work faster and more reliably.

Security and Privacy Settings What can now be regulated better and more precisely with Android 13 – when it comes to accessing photos and videos, for example.

Language selection of apps no longer in Smartphone’s system language Paired For example, mobile phones can be set to German natively, while selected apps can be used in English.

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