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Samsung Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52, and Galaxy A72. – This time, Gaming Features Has become an important aspect of a smartphone.

Various smarptohne manufacturers are competing to present Gaming Features on device.

What happened was what happened Samsung On Galaxy a32, A52 and the recently launched A72.

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The three latest Galaxy A series models come with several important aspects that can support the user’s gaming experience.

In terms of the processor, for example, the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 are powered by Snapdragon 720G chipsets.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy A32 uses the MediaTek Helio G80 chipset.

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Not only that, there are still many other aspects that can support the user’s gaming experience on the latest Galaxy A series.

Nextren notes 4 features of the Galaxy A series that can support users to play the game. What are they? See the answer on the next page.

game Booster

The Galaxy A32, A52 and A72 are equipped with a special gaming feature called Game Booster.

This feature provides various things that can support the users in playing the game.

First in terms of performance. A game booster can create a device that focuses its performance on the performance of the game.

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Second, users can disable interruptions for phone or SMS notifications and applications. The background While playing the game.

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Third, users can monitor temperature and battery status while playing games.

Dolby Atmos for gaming

The second feature that can support the user’s gaming experience on the latest Galaxy A series is Dolby Atmos for gaming.

This feature claims to provide a more optimal audio experience when playing games.

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Introducing detailed and immersive sound effects from related games.

Dolby Atmos will clarify the sound generated in the game for gaming.

Touch rate 180 Hz

Moving on to the third feature, the latest Galaxy A series is equipped with a 180Hz touch rate.

This feature is claimed to detect finger touch or movement faster than normal.

In this way, the device screen will be more responsive and reduce its appearance Ghost touch.

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Water and dust resistance

The final feature that can also be applied to game play is Water and Dust Resistance.

With these features, users can play games anywhere and anytime without interruptions.

The Water and Dust Resistance Galaxy A Series has a rating of IP67, which claims to be able to withstand underwater for 30 minutes with a depth of 1 meter.

However, this feature can only be availed on the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 models.

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Those are 4 features Galaxy a32, A52, and A72 that can support the user’s gaming experience.

Which is your favorite?

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