Here is a store where you can get PS5 on the day of launch – BGR

Here is a store where you can get PS5 on the day of launch - BGR
  • Anyone who wants to snatch Sony’s new console on the PS5 release date – good luck to you, because now the predecessors have been sold out for a while.
  • While it seems like most North American retailers don’t have stores in units on launch day, an official Target Twitter account offers little hope.
  • According to Target, if you buy a PS5 from a retailer and choose either a pick-up store or a drive-up option, you should be able to get your console from Target on or after the launch, as the retailer will obviously have Units to sell in certain cases (therefore, no walk-in buy-ups).

Anyone who wants to get their hands on Sony’s next pay generation gaming console in the store’s story on the PS5 release date of November 12 – well, we’ve already noticed here that finding a PS5 or PS5 digital version in the store will be a challenge. That’s because reports suggest that multiple retailers won’t stock those Sony consoles, or Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on store shelves for early release on the matter.

However, one Target Official Twitter accounts on Tuesday clarified an important point in response to a user’s question about PS5 in-store availability. You can check out the feedback below, but by default, it looks like you’ll be able to select the PS5 from Target on launch day – provided, you’ve already ordered it online. So, no walk-ins.

This target Twitter account was originally confirmed, in response to a different Twitter user, that the PS5 would be “available 11/12/2020 in-store.”

On Tuesday, the retailer clarified that you can’t go unit by unit and buy. You must purchase it online and specify in-store or drive-up delivery:

Once the target works through that initial batch of initial orders, you can probably expect the retailer to sell any PS5 units directly in-store without the pre-order requirement – something that, fingers crossed, in December or January. Can only happen.

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Compare with retailers like this Excellent purchase, Which apparently will not contain any PS5 units (or Xbox Series X / S units) “have been allocated to stores for the launch date and until further notice.” That’s according to a tweet from Marlon Gaming Nation a few days ago, which shared a Best Buy employee news alert that you can check out below:

PS5 preorders are sold out in a matter of hours, so now it seems that the only way to take advantage of the target availability is to open the retailer’s website on the November 12 release date, refresh it a bit and see if you are lucky To do. It is certainly understandable that everyone who has lost the opportunity to pre-order is now wondering when and how they will get a second chance.

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