Here is the awesome guy who built an 8-bit computer that actually works in the factory building game “Factorio” –

Here is the awesome guy who built an 8-bit computer that actually works in the factory building game

A real-time simulation game that aims to escape the planet by building a factory line on the drifting planet and automating various tasks.Factories“Is. With Factorio, a fierce guy who built an 8-bit computer that actually works.

8-bit Turing computer that I built in Factorio – GIFs – Imgur

Factorio built an 8-bit computer with an image sharing serviceImgurIs a user ofAbsorbIn the film below Mr. 8-bit computer is created by Sorek.Fibonacci numbersYou can see how the program it asks is running.

8-bit Turing complete computer that I built in factories

In an 8-bit computer made by Sorek, “The clock(CLK) 」」program counter(Pc) “” bus “”potato」」Register(A and B) “”Address decoder(RAD) “” Memory (RAM) “”instruction registerEssential elements for the computer such as “(IR)” and “display (LCD)” are reproduced, and it is possible to operate at 2 Hz.

8-bit computers are specifically made of devices that appear in the game of Factorio. For example, on the display that displays the calculation result, “Continuous circuitEnter a number from 0 to 9 in “”Conditional circuitSuitable “LampBy turning on “”, the output of the calculation result is realized.

Memory is also created by arranging a large number of conditional circuits. In this memory on an 8-bit computer manually created by Sorekmachine languageBy recording, you can execute any program.

In addition, Mr. Sork includes the following filmsThe movie series explains how to build your own 8-bit computerIn the context of, he tried to make 8-bit computers with Factorio.

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8-bit computer update – YouTube

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