How do passkeys work and can I already use them?

How do passkeys work and can I already use them?

Apple ios 16 update brings many innovations (Here we have summarized them), but a (still small) revolution is certainly the introduction of pass keys, They are designed to change passwords. For the first time ever, Apple, Google and Microsoft made detailed statements about this new method at Password Day in May of this year. you are part of all FIDO Alliancewho developed the system. Apple is the first company to bring Passkey to the mainstream – we tell you what you need to know about it.

You can know in the article:

  1. What are passkeys?
  2. How do you set the passkey?
  3. Who can already use the passkey?
  4. Can you transfer passkeys from old to new device?
  5. Where can you use the passkey?
  6. Are passkeys really more secure than passwords – and if so, why?
  7. Does this make password managers unnecessary?

1. What are passkeys?

If you want to log in to a website or app, you don’t need a username or password. Instead, a passkey is created on the device. one in key pair, a open key is transmitted on the Site or App, a private key saved on the device. When logging in, you must confirm that these keys match. With the iPhone, for example, it works through TouchID either FaceID,

Passkeys can be accessed through iCloud Keychain be synchronized. This means they are available on all devices, including iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. In Google and Microsoft, the system is within Android– And windowsEcosystems work in a similar way.

2. How to set passkey?

You do not need to actively unlock the passkey option. If you are in a website or app that supports passkey, newly registered, is given the option to automatically generate a passkey instead of a password. It is then saved on the device you register with. Many login pages already offer various options such as “Log in with Apple ID” or “Log in with Google Account”. even here”login with passkey” to be added.

If you are already registered on an app or site, you should switch to Passkey when next login will be offered automatically. As always, you will need to log in with your username and password. If successful, a pop-up will pop up indicating that you can now switch on the passkey. After that, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the device and complete the setup. You can then use the passkey to log in.

Here, Google demonstrates how websites can prompt the use of passkeys in the future

If you a. let’s log on foreign equipment or uses another browser like Chrome instead of Safari, appears QR code, You can scan it and then confirm login. So it makes sense to either save all passkeys on the smartphone or tablet to the camera, or activate cloud sharing for the passkeys.

Currently, passkeys on iOS are still somewhat confusing among the already saved passwords under “Settings” > “Passwords”. There is no separate list of passkeys yet.

3. Who can use the passkey?

Passkeys are currently only available to Apple users. However, like Google and Microsoft, the group is part of FIDO Alliance, Passkeys celebrated its mainstream premiere with iOS 16, and Google and Microsoft plan to follow through by 2023. For World Password Day in May FIDO announcedThat 3 big tech companies want to work together here. It should also be a long term cross-system usage Passkey may be possible.

4. Can I transfer passkey from old device to new device?

If you live with Apple, Android, or Microsoft, the passkey will be easy to move. Whether this also means that you can easily switch from one ecosystem to another (like from iOS to Android and vice versa) is still unclear. FIDO Assured in their FAQ but he’s always a second device Set up or set up for passkey login in a page or app remove old device can do. It’s cumbersome, but at least it’s possible.

5. Where can you use the passkey?

If a website provides login with passkey, it is automatically suggested or displayed. As of now, there is virtually no website that supports it. The technology is still too new for that. Next year, especially when Google and Microsoft also release passkeys, the supply is sure to increase.

6. Are passkeys more secure?

FIDO members advertise tops with higher security than the password method. as a security expert Sebastian Bicchi As FutureZone points out, this is not unfounded: “The implementation is really secure. In particular, it is based on a asymmetric cryptography method, While even the strongest password can be phished, this standard cannot.”

When registering again, the device, for example the iPhone, generates a pair of keys as described earlier. When logging in, the private key stored on the device is never transmitted. only for login sent a signatureWhich confirms that you have the correct key.

According to Bicchi, this ensures that anytime data leaks or a machine-in-the-middle attack may come. With the latter, the data is intercepted during transmission. However, passkeys a iCloud Keychain Attack Theft, explains the bitch.

7. Are Passkeys Replacing Password Managers?

No, as long as there are websites and apps that don’t support passkeys, there will be passwords and so will password managers with which to manage them. What’s more, Apple, Google, and Microsoft won’t be the only ones to offer Passkey. with Dashlane There is already a password manager that can also be used to set up and manage passkeys. Instead of the device, the keys are then stored in password manager (which in this case is more of a passkey manager) Rescued.

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