How do you know if messages have been read on Facebook and where do you find hidden conversations (Photos)

How do you know if messages have been read on Facebook and where do you find hidden conversations (Photos)
you like the application or not Facebook Messenger notifies your friends in a virtual environment when you read your friends’ messages. But what do all the dots and ticks that come up in your conversations mean? In addition many Use I don’t know that there’s a fairly hidden place where some of the things people write to you end up with.

business Insider Review all the visual elements that come with Messenger messages, for those who don’t know or don’t know what they’re used for.

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Here are the meanings:

  • The blue circle means the message is being sent
  • A blue circle with a visible inside indicates that the message has been sent
  • A blue circle with a white view inside tells you the message has reached the recipient
  • If the interlocutor reads the message, a dot with a photo of the corresponding friend will appear in the thumbnail.

Source: Facebook

In the desktop version, things are simpler, given that in the chat window you’ll see a check mark with the word “seen” and the date the message was viewed.

Source: Facebook

secret menu

But Facebook also has a menu for messages that not many people know about. When someone texts you who is not on your friends list, you will receive a notification in the message request section.

But it doesn’t always seem like that, it attracts attention

Facebook sends you a notification when its algorithms decide you can meet that person, and everything else is considered unwanted email.

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But what if it isn’t? What if a former classmate or friend of yours hasn’t talked to you in years and you don’t have any common friends?

If you follow a few steps in the app on your phone, you can search for these messages:

  • – go to messages
  • – Click on the setting icon
  • – Click on “People”
  • – Allege “Message Request”
  • – Go to “view filtered requests” setting

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