How is it used and what is it for

How is it used and what is it for

Filter “Your Turn”: New Tool Instagram Adds to Viral Stories. Don’t miss out on the details about this feature.

instagram It is adding really cool features and functions to its system. And so far, the stories have been the main characters. Now it’s just not possible Add Links to Instagram Stories, but also filter “Abhu you” “your turn” as a starting strategy Topics, Challenges and Publications,

If you want to know more information about Filters for Instagram StoriesDon’t isolate yourself from your screen and continue reading this article.

Create a thread in your stories with the “Your Turn” filter on Instagram

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Instagram: How and why to use the “Now You” or “Your Turn” Filters

If you want to know what’s new Sticker “You Shift” from Instagram, Do not worry. This time we will tell you everything about it.

It is a filter or sticker that is responsible for Add one or more special themes in straight stories, to make it all a collective community And, of course, increase participation according to the topics they enjoy the most.

How to use the sticker “Your Turn” on Instagram?

then you can see How to put this mode on Instagram Stories And get people to interact in a very dynamic way and without losing the thread of the topic of discussion.

  • make sure you have previous version from Instagram.
  • Enter Instagram from your Android or iOS mobile.
  • tap on “Your History” To create a story on Instagram.
  • Select the photo or video you want to upload to Stories.
  • Now click on the sticker icon that appears at the top of the screen.
Stickers Locate stickers on your Instagram stories

Stickers Locate stickers on your Instagram stories

  • select sticker “your turn”, which is accompanied by a camera icon.
  • Now you will see a small text box where you should propose a topic to your followers, Your friends and others will then be able to see the stories added to this sticker.
  • When finished, press “Ready”,
look for filter "Abhu you"  "your turn" and select it

Look for the filter “You are now” or “Your turn” and select it

Now it remains only to hope that others start interacting with your story and respond through the thread you have created.

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If you or someone else touches the sticker, you will still be able to see the response thread, in addition, you will be able to include your answer thanks to the button “your turn”, cool huh?

Now wait for the community to join your thread and give feedback by following the sequence

Now wait for the community to join your thread and give feedback by following the sequence

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Instagram already allows anyone to create their own filter for Stories: it’s done like this

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