How many times does the wind turbine have to be turned for an electric car

How many times does the wind turbine have to be turned for an electric car

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In energy transition Will happen wind power assigned a central role. stand evenly electric vehicles In mobility shift in the centre. German has how much electricity a wind turbine can generate and how far can an electric car travel with this energy Electric Car Portal Efahrer Illustrated with some calculation examples.

The starting point is currently one of the largest wind turbines,”V236-15.0MW” From Vestas. This system with rotor diameter 236 meters Yield 15 MW or 15,000 kWh of energy.

The average speed of such huge windmills is about 10 revolutions per minute. Hence one revolution takes 6 seconds. This means that with the system one revolution 25 kWh energy can generate, first calculates the ephrar.

FILE PHOTO: General view of the Walney Extension offshore wind farm operated by Orsted on the waterfront of Blackpool

An offshore wind farm in the UK

electric car consumption

On the other side of the equation is the consumption of electric cars. Small and relatively economical are used here VW E-up! with the consumption of 16 kWh per 100 kilometers as an example.

According to Fehrer’s calculations, a VW e-up! with him energy from a revolution of a Vestas V236 wind turbine drive 156 kms, to gather energy 32kWh Battery Small VW electric car, such a wind turbine must be charged 13 seconds be in operation, or rotate a little more than 2 times.

calculate the annual production Of a VW e-up! With its nominal consumption and operating range 14,000 kmHuge Vestas wind turbine only 9 minutes Be in operation to cover annual energy consumption.

Calculations based on small wind turbines

However, wind turbines of a larger size than Vestas not ideal There. Most of the wind turbines that are currently in operation are quite small and therefore supply little power. lies too average consumption or consumption Usually the number of electric cars above 16 kWh/100 km of small e-up!

to keep this in mind gives effervescence Another enumeration example that takes an explicit . based on small wind turbine based. It is based on the average energy output between 4 and 7 million kWh per year End.

Accordingly, a single wind turbine with an annual output of 4 million kW generate enough energy to run around 2,000 e-up! a whole year To operate for a long time – provided the annual profit is 14,000 km,

Offshore Plant Much More Efficient

For large offshore wind turbines that produce up to 67.5 gigawatt hours can produce, so a single wind turbine Enough to drive a VW e-up! Per year 400 million kilometers to be able to drive. Or to put it another way: such a wind turbine could supply enough energy to run with approx. 30,000 e-up! cars To be able to cover a distance of 14,000 kilometers each time.

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