how to extend battery life

how to extend battery life

Since the iPhone 12, Apple smartphones have supported the 5G mobile communication standard. However, in many places this is overkill and requires an unnecessarily large amount of electricity. Here’s how to turn off the feature.

5G technology is still relatively new and therefore not yet in widespread use. Therefore, in many areas it is even superfluous to turn on this function. It’s also possible that you have a mobile phone contract that doesn’t include 5G. In some areas, the Internet speed is hardly distinguishable from classic 4G.

Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 will automatically switch between 4G and 5G, although switching to 5G will consume significantly more power and therefore reduce battery life. The “Data Options” tab can be found in Settings under the “Mobile communications” menu item. There you can tick 4G or LTE under “Voice & data”, which disables the 5G function.

Data saving mode can be activated

You can also turn on Data Saving Mode, which means that data-intensive tasks are only performed when there is a WLAN connection. As a result, updates, images, and videos are not downloaded using the cellular network, which can save battery life. Also, Data Saving Mode means that apps no longer load data in the background.

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