How to send WhatsApp to anyone without adding your number to iPhone’s contact book

How to send WhatsApp to anyone without adding your number to iPhone's contact book

WhatsApp and its user accounts linked to phone numbers have a small feature: if you want to text someone, You must have their number in your contact book. So, when you write in a new contact, you have to make a gesture of adding it to the phonebook before opening WhatsApp.

However, there is a little trick to meet this requirement, which can be very useful in cases of sending messages to those whom we will only attend once for any reason. It’s all at a small web address Offered by WhatsApp API.

Send a WhatsApp via a shortened URL

Imagine you want to send Whatsapp Spanish mobile number 666 000 111, but it is something specific and you don’t want to add that number to the phonebook, just be able to send that message. You can avoid this: Instead of doing this you can Open Safari on iPhone and type the following address:

The structure is as follows: “”, the international prefix of the prefix (34 in the case of Spain) and finally the telephone number. You can also type it in the browser of another mobile device or computer, however then You must log in to an example of WhatsApp Web.

This little trick can save you many visits to the iPhone’s contact list, or even make it easier to present the message sent via WhatsApp via a link to a website you manage.

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