How to take care of your smartphone in winter?


Most of us have a repulsive feeling when we go outside when it is cold, when we see that the battery of a fully charged phone suddenly discharges in a jiffy.

A broken phone can cause many inconveniences and disrupt the normal course of the day. Luckily, there are reliable and tested tips to help you take proper care of your phone even when the temperature drops.

“In cold weather, smartphones may turn off, battery life typically shortens, and screens become less responsive.

However, advance preparation and some clever solutions will ensure that your smartphone will work efficiently even on the coldest days,” says Urta Eidžiūiūnaitė, Huawei Product Training Manager in Lithuania.

The expert shares 5 recommendations that will help protect your phone from the inconveniences of winter and prolong the life of the device:


Most smartphone batteries contain lithium-ion, which performs better at temperatures between -5 and 35 degrees Celsius. Therefore, any low temperature can significantly affect battery life and efficiency.

“Smartphones are most vulnerable to exposure to the cold for long periods of time, so be sure to store your phone properly first. In bad weather, it is important to do everything possible to protect your smartphone from freezing.

Therefore, it is worth keeping Smart not in a handbag or backpack, but as close to the body as possible – in the pocket of a pants or jacket, ”Yu. Idisnait says.

2. Use only when needed

If you’re up for a long walk in sub-zero temperatures and you know you won’t be using your smartphone at the time, it’s best to turn it off completely.

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“On the other hand, if you need to use your phone, make sure it uses as much battery power as possible. Make sure you’ve turned off power-consuming apps, location services ( GPS), and turned on power saving mode.When you unplug your phone, use it with your back to the air.

Also, try to harness the potential of other technologies. For example, if you frequently have to make phone calls outside, consider buying a wireless headset or smart watch, which will prevent you from unnecessarily taking your phone out of your pocket,” recommends Youdiūnaitė. Is.

3. Take care of safety

If it becomes necessary to switch off the phone in cold weather, then it is important to take care of the proper security of the smartphone. One of the most effective solutions are protective cases that help retain heat.

“The high quality and water resistant case that completely encloses the phone also protects it from direct exposure to cold weather. Even with wet snow or ice if you accidentally throw the unit out. Therefore, the protective case is highly recommended during cold weather, as it not only retains the cold, but also protects against possible external damages, ”U. Idisnait says.

4. Don’t be in a hurry to charge

Even if you take every precaution, your phone still discharges – don’t rush to charge it when you get home.

“The battery life of a modern mobile phone stands out for its longevity: for example, the new Huawei Nova 9 has a 4300 mAh battery, which allows the smartphone to be recharged in just a few minutes.

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However, as soon as you return to a warm room, don’t rush to charge it even if the phone is discharged – let the device warm up a bit first. Even an additional 30 minutes will help prevent condensation from accumulating inside the battery, which can permanently damage the device’s battery,” advises Yu. Eidžiūnaitė.

5. Learn from other’s mistakes

One of the most common maintenance errors on your smartphone is leaving this device in the car in the cold. Switched off cars tend to cool down very quickly in cold weather, which can permanently damage smartphone components at low temperatures. However, if you must leave your phone at work, be sure to disconnect it from the charger.


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