How to Update WhatsApp to New Version via Website and Android

Cara Memperbarui WhatsApp ke Versi Baru via Situs Web dan Android – WhatsApp application is one of the most popular instant messaging application for all circles.

Even now almost everyone uses WhatsApp as a means of online communication.

One reason for this is its simple use, so it can be easily used by almost anyone with a wide variety of backgrounds.

WhatsApp is constantly striving so that its application can be used by WhatsApp users comfortably, and can update and update the application.

One of them is updating new features to improve the user experience.

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In order to be able to try out various new features, users have to update by updating WhatsApp.

In addition to getting new features WhatsApp, upgrade WhatsApp Can also solve frequently experienced problems.

For those of you who want to update the application WhatsApp, there is an easy way that can be done.

Reporting from KompasTekno will share two ways to update WhatsApp, so that the application WhatsApp Always in latest version.

* How to Update WhatsApp from website

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