How well Apple’s Dynamic Island works on Android phones

How well Apple's Dynamic Island works on Android phones

this year’s focus iphone presentation There was the so-called Dynamic Island, with which Apple completely turned the status bar inside out. Immediately after the iPhone event, a Smartphone knowledge confirmation: When Apple comes up with an innovation, it doesn’t take long and android phone move to.

In the days following the iPhone presentation, the Google PlayStore was flooded with many apps that dynamic island on android smartphone can be emulated. I tried one of them.

Dynamic Island (right) on an iPhone (left) and an Android phone

dynamic island vs dynamic spot

Among all Dynamic Island apps, one application stands out: namely “Dynamic Island – DynamicSpot“By developer Jawomo, which has already made a name for itself along with other personalization apps.

For Dynamic Island to work on Android phones, the app multiple permissions given. Here everyone has to decide for himself whether they want to give so many access rights to the application.

dynamic island on android phone

functionality compared to the original

Surprisingly, Dynamic Island Actually Looks Beautiful on an Android Smartphone just like an iphone 14 per. The feature overlays the camera hole, which almost disappears in the dynamic island display. This also working capacity is comparable to the original.

still going Music via Spotify, album cover and Spotify icons are displayed on the dynamic island. If you tap on the display, Spotify opens. Tapping and holding opens a small menu that can be used to control music playback.

Dynamicspot app provides multiple setting options

More Possibilities on Android Phones

Fake Dynamic Island is an iPhone competitor on Android phones a little further, This is how you can use Dynamicspot App choose which app There is access to the display and which is not. Such a choice is not possible on the iPhone.

In addition, with the Dynamicspot application on Dynamic Island you can clearly More Notifications and Apps Displays in comparison to the case of iPhones. For example, you can also use it to find incoming messages Their way onto smaller displays, which are not currently the case with iPhones.

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