Huawei Watch 3: We analyze all the details of Chinese gadgets Mexico | Spain | Gadgets | Play play

  Huawei Watch 3: We analyze all the details of Chinese gadgets  Mexico |  Spain |  Gadgets |  Play play

Let us see in detail the physical aspects of View 3. The black colored polished steel case makes it very sophisticated and feels solid to touch. The straps also feel good and feel comfortable to touch. I find them very sporty, so I recommend an extra strap for something a little more elegant. The watch weighs in at a comfortable 54 grams without the straps and sports a 46 millimeter size 1.43-inch AMOLED panel to display all the information smoothly. By the way, the thickness is 12 millimeters and the design is completely circular.

Now that I mention the screen, I should point out that it has a refresh rate of 60Hz with a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits, so you won’t have problems on sunny days. The reduced bezels make the display fully visible to the edges. I missed to add that the brightness is automatic and the interactive watchfaces offer a better experience and variety if you search the Huawei Store.

To talk about performance, it must be said that HarmonyOS 2 It has almost identical features to previous watches, including pulse detection, heart rate, and more. We see changes in virtual assistant Celia, application catalog and access app gallery Finally to download the app to the watch. The store still lacks services: you won’t have Spotify And Google Map, but you can rely on alternatives like Huawei Music and Petal Maps. Regarding Huawei Music, the system allows you to stream and listen to music locally, that is, to download songs and play them like old mp3s. You will be able to listen to music through both speakers and headphones.

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Huawei Watch 3 | analysis

Although the screen size is large, the keyboard is small for the fingers. There is an alternative to using your voice, it works but you need practice. It took several attempts to come up with this acronym.

It should be added that the watch has the Contacts and Phone app, and is compatible with for example:, so that you can use the gadget independently of the mobile to make and receive calls. You can make and answer calls and receive notifications, but not answer them, right from the watch. There is also a gesture of making a call with a fist.

something about virtual assistant taken from is that it is used for everything you need regarding clock functions. Unless you have an eSim, you must have the gadget connected to your cell phone for Celia to work.

Huawei Watch 3 | unbox

Do not forget the complete list of games available in the system. NS clock 3 There are 100 different types of exercise. There are some that record basically the same thing and others provide more information than what was not in it. look fit, such as increasing the height of your runs by biking or jogging. There are some that are limited to the activity you do. In the same way, you can view the metrics in real time during the practice session. The report will still be detailed in the Huawei Health app.

If we talk about autonomy, the 450 mAh battery offers up to 14 days if you use it in low consumption mode and up to 2 days if you use it on full power with automatic synchronization. It will take about two hours to charge it from 0 to 100.

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