If these 8 apps infected with Joker malware are on your phone, then you can go!

If these 8 apps infected with Joker malware are on your phone, then you can go!
This time the digital desk: That infamous Joker malware attack again. There are 8 apps in the Google Play Store that have been infected with Joker malware for the past three years. Recently from Quick Heal Security Labs joker malware Attacked apps have been identified. This type of malware can enter a customer’s smartphone through any mobile application. Joker Malware can also do great harm by secretly collecting all the information of that customer.

This malware is harmful to subscriber to any premium subscription plan without the permission of the subscriber. Unbeknownst to the user, huge amount disappeared from his account. Subscribing to a subscription plan makes money disappear from the subscriber’s account – this Joker malware fixes the whole thing with utmost secrecy. Quick Hill Security Labs identified these apps shortly after google play store have been taken from. But, even if your smartphone still has those apps, Joker malware can still cause harm through those apps.

Now delete those 8 apps –

And that is why it is important to uninstall the apps from your smartphone as soon as possible. joker malware List of 8 apps affected – Assistive Message, Fast Magic SMS, Free CamScanner, Super Message, Element Scanner, Go Message, Travel Wallpaper and Super SMS. If you have any one of these 8 apps installed on your smartphone, then uninstall them as soon as possible.

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How does Joker malware damage customer’s phone?

A recent Quick Heal report claims that customers will be asked to access notifications while using the app. And thereafter SMS data will be taken from every notification without the knowledge of the customer. The customer will be asked to contact the customer immediately after receiving the SMS data. Phone call permission will also be sought after access is granted. After that the Joker malware will start tracking all this information. This dangerous malware won’t tell you that activity is going on.

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Warning Methods

The report further claimed that malware authors spread such applications through certain scanner apps, wallpaper apps and messages apps in the Google Play Store. And after that such apps became popular for utility use-cases. Therefore, users should install more and more apps made by trusted developers.

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