If you have these apps in your mobile then WhatsApp can penalize you. Wasp | WSP | WP | Mexico | Spain | Colombia | Play play

  If you have these apps in your mobile then WhatsApp can penalize you.  Wasp |  WSP |  WP |  Mexico |  Spain |  Colombia |  Play play

No doubt It is one of the most downloaded applications in the world on both Android and iOS. Although the company is looking to add new functions, there are third-party services that already have the tools to make life easier for users. However, resorting to these other apps can put your account at risk not only because of malware exposure, but also because it It will block you for using unofficial apps.

User can visit the official website Knowing which applications are in the eye of developers, as well as a consideration of the nature of these, would require suspending or blocking a user’s account.

The process is next: sends a message within the application notifying that the account “temporarily suspendedAfter approval, if WhatsApp finds that you still do not use the official version of the application, the account will be permanently suspended.

“Unsupported applications, such as whatsapp plushandjob gb whatsapp, or those who claim that they are able to transfer your chats from These are changed versions of WhatsApp from one phone to another. These unofficial applications are developed by third parties and violate our Terms of Service. WhatsApp does not support the use of these third-party applications as it is not possible to validate their security practices”, requires WhatsApp on its official portal.

WhatsApp | Recommendation

It is recommended to save your chat history before downloading the official version of . might like whatsapp plus hey gb whatsapp, users will have to transfer the chat to the following route: More Options > Settings > Help > App Info.

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Note that chat They are automatically saved in your phone’s memory on a daily basis. You can also make a backup copy of your WhatsApp chats on Google Drive. If you uninstall WhatsApp and you don’t want to lose the messages, be sure to do a manual backup.

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