If you’re blind, this is what it looks like when you browse Instagram!

If you're blind, this is what it looks like when you browse Instagram!

There are many technologies that help blind or low vision people browse the internet, but when it comes to applying instagram This can be a little weird.

The application offers a “screen reader” feature that shows the name of the publisher of the image and when it was published, in addition to the number of likes. It also serves to clarify the content of the image.

screen reading feature

Screen reader features are based on text that users enter manually. But users usually neglect to add this text, in which case the feature reads a default text.

In addition, audio content readers can often misinterpret the image, as reported by “Al-Bobaba Arab Technical News”, quoting Danielle McCann, social networking coordinator at the National Federation of the Blind.

The errors made by the techniques of describing the content of the screen are many and different, but they have helped the visually impaired to browse social networks even with an imperfect user experience.

A large number of users are interested in clarifying the descriptive text of their photos, known as alt text, a feature that has become available to many social networks, including Instagram.

Image and description of artificial intelligence

But even with their attention, a healthy person can misidentify information that is of interest to the visually impaired in order to imagine the content of the image. McCann says she tells her friends that writing descriptive text is like a test of writing quality. How can you accurately describe the content in the least amount of words.

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These texts should be descriptive and well-known, and literary texts should not be difficult to understand.



On the other hand, Facebook’s artificial intelligence, which is also used in Instagram, is able to provide image details, but it is still weak, and still prone to errors that can spoil the understanding of the entire content. . Image for the blind.

In general, browsing Instagram doesn’t provide a complete experience for blind people. But in the event that the owner of the image has not given its proper description, this is the only solution for this category of users.


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