Igor Kurganov is Elon Musk’s charity advisor

Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov

When Elon Musk does something, he creates a sensation around the world. Yesterday it became known that they hired Igor Kurganov as a charity consultant.

Igor Kurganov (c) PokerStars

In November, Musk just donated $5.7 billion of Tesla stock to charity. No one knows where the generous donation went, but it is believed that the block of shares went to the Musk Foundation. It is also clear that Elon Musk is in close contact with Igor Kurganov. Together with his partner Liv Boere and his former poker collaborators Phil Grusem and Stephen Huber, he founded “Rising for Effective Giving”, a project of the Effective Altruism Foundation. More than $14,000,000 in charity has already been raised and not only Igor himself donated half of the 2017 prize money. World champion Martin Jacobson or record players Jutin Bonomo and Eric Seidel also donated to the reggae.

Over the years things have calmed down around Igor, who is very concerned with philanthropy and charity. Still, it’s surprising that Elon Musk hired a poker player as a mentor. Igor is said to help the multi-billionaire assess projects and “effectively” make donations. While Elon Musk’s foundation has given generously, it is not the only charity that encourages Elon to donate. With a tax bill of $11 billion, a donation of $5.7 billion is quite a boon.

Hardly anything new from Igor himself or REG, but that might change with Elon Musk.

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