IKEA aims to preserve all jobs during Kovid-19 crisis

IKEA aims to preserve all jobs during Kovid-19 crisis

Due to trade restrictions imposed due to Kovid-19, the IKEA store aims to retain all jobs in Latvia, in addition, considering the support provided by the Latvian government is not Potteris Grinbergs, manager of IKEA. Latvia store, told LETA.

During this time, IKEA is looking for additional employees for multiple employees who can join the store team.

“With the on-site store closure, we have directed all our efforts and energy to direct more and more employees to service the online store,” Grinbergs reported.

In addition to e-commerce, IKEA has developed virtual and remote services to meet customer needs even at home. For example, IKEA expert advice is available via phone or other online channels.

The agency LETA has already reported that several restrictions imposed by Kovid-19 are still in force in the country since at least 7 February. Among other things, there are restrictions on trade, which have been in force since 19 December last year. Thus, by at least February 7, it will be possible to operate outlets where certain product groups are sold – food products, hygiene products, basic household items, prepaid mobile phone cards, tobacco products, plant smoking products, electronic smoking equipment And their fluids, animal feed and goods, presses, public transport tickets, mouth and nose blankets and personal protective equipment, self-produced agricultural products and flowers.

It has also been reported that the IKEA store in Piaga opened on August 30, 2018. IKEA’s franchise company in Latvia is SIA Paul Mason Properties, which was traded in the last fiscal year, which lasted from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020, at 94.268 million euros, a 15.1% increase from the previous financial year. . Year, but the company’s profit was reduced by 15.6% – 8.755 million euros

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The Riga “IKEA” store has an area of ​​34,500 square meters, but the store area is 10 hectares in total. The total investment in setting up an IKEA store in Latvia was over EUR 50 million.

Paul Mason Properties is the sole owner of FE Corporation BV Netherlands, which owns IKEA stores in Lithuania and Iceland. The real beneficiaries of Paul Mason Properties are Gisli Sigurders and Jones Palmasan, Icelandic citizens.


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