In the new Canon Photo Killing app, artificial intelligence will evaluate your photos –

In the new Canon Photo Killing app, artificial intelligence will evaluate your photos -

If you have hundreds and thousands of photos on your device, it is really difficult to find and sort them in any way. On the mobile platform, you will find many applications that work more or less with artificial intelligence, not only by removing duplicate images, but by removing any quality ones. Canon Photo Kaling is a new addition.

Its origin is Philip. It is an abbreviation for Photography Intelligence Learning. The title helps users select the best images according to the evaluation of sharpness, noise, emotions or closed eyes. Based on these four values, it calculates the final score, which determines the quality of the photo. Then you can tell the application how high it should be for the title so that it can keep all the frames above it and remove all below it. You can also prioritize individual parameters.

It is also possible to delete records based on mutual similarity. It works by selecting, for example, 10 pictures of a person and 10 images of a landscape. Artificial intelligence divides the images into two sets according to the scene and selects the best one from each. Of course, Canon Photo Kaling aims to reduce the device’s storage, so it not only shows the number of photos stored, but also the storage capacity of the phone. There are also dynamic albums, sorting by events or time period, etc.

Of course this is a catch. And indeed some. The application can only work with JPG files and only those that were taken by phone. Although the application is free, it only offers a three-day trial period, after which membership will have to be paid. Monthly is $ 3 (about $ 60), yearly $ 15 (about $ 320). However, the title Canon Photo Kaling is not available in the Canon App Store. You must have a US Apple ID to test the functionality.

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