In which company department do blackmailers like to strike?

In which company department do blackmailers like to strike?

Ransomware is particularly popular among cybercriminals.

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Blackmailers who attack companies, encrypt and steal their data, threaten to publish it and then want crypto money so they remain secret: Every Eighth Domestic Company was a study by an auditing and consulting organization. EY Austria Already affected by such attacks. EY has to 202 Managing Director and IT Security Officer.

Blackmailers especially like to hit Sales Department To. 45 percent He had a “gateway” in known cases. O also finance is with 31 percent A popular target for penetrating company data. According to the respondents, in 75 percent of urgent matters ransom Payment not made.

Multiple cyber attacks, little contingency plan

Overall almost all had 4. Austrian Company Concrete signs of cyber attacks or data theft in the last 5 years. About a third of the attacks were detected by internal control systems, and one in five said the attack was discovered only by chance.

But how prepared are domestic companies for such events? only 57 percentThat is, more than half of the people surveyed have a Contingency Plan for such cases. Of these, 63 percent practice procedures that would be required at least once a year in an emergency. The statistics for companies that have their IT systems checked for vulnerabilities at least once a year don’t look even better: they’re only 45 percent.


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