Includes free apps and games over a hundred baht iPhone, iPad Press loading quickly [24-02-2021]

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Daily free applications and games for iPhone, iPad, and Android offer AlphaBlur image effects and background erasers priced at over 500 baht.

Free iPhone and iPad Apps and Games

The AlphaBlur image effect is free (usually $ 1.99). An AI-powered application that works with Apple’s True Depth dual-camera or dual rear camera feature, which easily blurs the face. Get Natural Light Bokeh at Free Download app Store

Background Eraser – Remove AI Free (normally $ 2.99) Auto background removal application easily with just one click. Cut photos to quickly create collages or images. Download free at app Store

Endless Adventure RPG is free (usually $ 0.99). Random Dungeon A great adventure game with random quests generated instantly. Turn based strategic battles and a party of up to 4 adventurers on free download app Store

Sounds soothing: White is noise free (normally $ 2.99) It is a simple sound app that helps you focus, relax and sleep. Reduces distraction, improves sleep performance, is more comfortable and relaxed. Download free at app Store

Reaction timer game is free (usually $ 0.99). Skill test timer game The objective of the game is to stop the timer. But I must say that it is not as easy as you think. If you think you can do it, give it a try! Download free at app Store

Free Android Apps and Games

Police Lights 2: PRO is free (normally $ 0.99) Applications find police lights, fire trucks, emergency flashing lights and police sirens. Or can be used as holiday light decoration for free download Play store

Word Converter Offline for free (normally $ 0.99) An app that makes converting numbers to letters easier. The app will automatically change the numbers you enter. Download free at Play store

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Cartoon Craft is free (usually $ 1.99). This is a real-time strategy game. Get ready for the real fight. Build army buildings to produce soldiers, archers, swordsmen, tanks, trolls and other units. Defeat the enemy with your army Play store

The grocery store cashier is free (normally $ 0.99) The grocery store cashier simulator game allows you to act as a cashier in a small shop whose owners are angry and impatient. Download for free Play store

Monster Warrior Premium – Stickman Shadow Action RPG Free (usually $ 0.99) It is an offline action game with 100+ levels and interesting fighting leagues. Play the game and collect powerful weapons and gems to upgrade your ninja assassin and armor. Download free at Play store

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