Instagram to hide negative comments on posts

Instagram to hide negative comments on posts

Instagram said Tuesday it will automatically hide negative comments in posts, one of several new steps Facebook-owned social media platform is taking to reduce bullying and harassment.

Instagram has been testing this feature in recent days and has said it will target comments that users have used as inappropriate in the past. Users must now click the ‘View Hidden Comments’ button to unveil the covered negative comment.

Instagram also tweeted its comment alert feature. The user writes a potentially offensive comment, but before the comment is posted, a pop-up message will now appear that reads: “This may be against our guidelines.” A pop-up message informs users that if they post a negative comment, it will likely be hidden and the user can check whether the user’s account will be deleted.

“Possible Outcomes”

“These new warnings give people some time to let go and reflect on their words and reveal the possible consequences that they should move on.” Advertising. “Starting with a comment warning, we found that reminding people of the consequences of bullying on Instagram and giving real-time feedback as they write comments is the most effective way to change behavior.”

Instagram does not specify what kind of language or comments will be hidden. The platform automatically deletes posts and comments that are obscene, praise organized crime, or threaten bodily harm.

Twitter’s policy is to remove posts that say “desire or hope of death, serious bodily harm or fatal disease to anyone.”

As Instagram hopes to mitigate inappropriate comments, the way Facebook has handled hate speech this year has been criticized. NAACP and other civil rights groups Said In July or Facebook did not do enough to ban or delete posts about vaccine misinformation, white supremacy or violent conspiracy theories.

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Twenty State Attorney Generals But it also demanded Facebook Do more to combat hate speech. Such concerns have encouraged big companies like Adidas, Coca-Cola and Starbucks To boycott the social media giant. Facebook said in August that it is Investing billions of dollars To keep the hate speech off its platform and Ka .i laid More than 22 million negative or harmful posts.


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