Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook for over an hour – readers

Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook for over an hour - readers

Thousands of users reported online on Friday that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are not working. The disturbance lasted for over an hour.

Worldwide, users complained on Friday that three popular services were not working: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were apparently offline. Various interruption platforms reported a huge increase in connectivity problems from 6 pm onwards. In Austria alone, 15,749 malfunctions were reported on the website at 6:30 pm.

When logging into the app on Instagram and Facebook, users received only one error message: “The feed cannot be reloaded.” Messages cannot be received or sent on WhatsApp, but some users reported being able to access Facebook via a browser.

All three services belong to the Facebook group. If you tried to access Instagram through a browser, a “5xx” error message occurred. It was probably software giant server problems. Meanwhile, the malfunction has apparently been eliminated and all platforms are functioning again as usual.

Interruptions are increasing in WhatsApp since 6 pmallestö

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