Intel Creators Challenge: Raptor Lake-S LN2 . reaches 8.2GHz under

Intel Creator Challenge: Raptor Lake-S erreicht bis zu 8,2 GHz unter LN2

A Core i9-13900KF engineering sample cooled by liquid nitrogen (LN2) was able to achieve a very high clock frequency. In the final of the OC competition, held as part of the Intel Creators Challenge, the CPU development sample was finally able to run on a single core operating at up to 8,200 MHz.

One of the most watched CPUs ever

with late engineering samples (This) of an Intel Core i9-13900KF, professional extreme overclocker Alan “Splav” Golibersch managed to achieve the highest clock frequency ever achieved with an Intel CPU during the finals of the OC competition launched by Intel. The documented 8.2 GHz can be found at the very top of the global leaderboard. The overclocker “The Stilt” has held the OC world record for CPUs since 2014, with the AMD FX-8370 (Test) and higher. 8.7GHz,

Record -196°C. fell on

The development sample processor achieved the following values ​​in the presence of Louis Draghi, an engineer and overclocking specialist at Intel:

  • Clock Frequency 8.2 GHz @ P-Core 4
  • With an operating voltage of 1.824 volts
  • Bus clock of 100 MHz and × 82.0 . achieved with a multiplier of
  • Under normal pressure at 77K (-196 °C) with liquid nitrogen (ln2) cold
  • Overclock by over 41 percent on stock basis to 5.8 GHz*

*) with Intel Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB)

While the Core i 13000 series on the Z790 mainboard positions itself against the AMD Ryzen 7000 (tested) for October 20th, the Intel Raptor Lake already wins the overclocking duel against the AMD Raptor, which is “only” 7.2 GHz in this discipline. can reach. The previous generation (“Elder Lake”), which achieved clock frequencies of 7.6 GHz, was also clearly surpassed.

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Intel introduces overclocking and case modding

The creator himself published a 6-hour video on the official YouTube channel Intel Gaming, There is also a case and system modding contest in which four teams compete against each other and each has to build a system based on the Z790 motherboard and the i9-13900K.


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