International Alert! Chinese rockets already have the time and location of Earth’s entry

  International Alert!  Chinese rockets already have the time and location of Earth's entry

Moscow, Russia

Chinese rocket He goes round Earth Be bumped out of control for several days Atmosphere The next morning, at which time it will disintegrate almost completely, although it is not ruled out that some debris may have fallen somewhere Earth.

The European Union Space Monitoring and Surveillance Service (EUSST) has already reduced the “window” in which it is clear that Rocket re-enters the atmosphere Terrestrial, and set the expected time at 2:11 UTC (4:11 Spanish Peninsular Time), although with a margin of slightly more than six hours (three hours prior to that time and three hours).

AK: What is happening? Chinese rocket has an uncontrolled trajectory

Rocket (A) Long march 5b), Which China used last week to launch a module of its future space station into space, is out of control and increasingly close in an orbit. Earth, Although all forecasts indicate that it will disintegrate when it completely collides with Earth’s atmosphere.

The size of the object, which has an estimated mass of 17 to 21 tons and a size of about 30 meters, and the speed at which it is moving – about 28,000 kilometers per hour – has prompted the activation of many Space surveillance services The world’s most important companies, including the Pentagon or the European Union Space Monitoring and Tracking Service (EUSST).

The withdrawal has been monitored by the EUSST (an international consortium consisting of several space agencies and public bodies of several European countries, the Center for Technological and Industrial Development for the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation). Earth Of Chinese rocket.

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Its sensors and radar allow the rocket to look “closer” each time it passes over the European sky on its orbital path, and they have verified that it is falling and the orbit described by the rocket is getting closer to that. Earth.

what’s more: Chinese rocket will be out of control on Earth on 8 May

Updated data from this consortium suggests that the object is a fallacy suggesting in theory that the residue or “The rubble“Will fall into an area of ​​the same Earth Much is covered by the sea or uninhabited areas, and that the statistical probability of impact remains “low” in populated areas.

This association says that Trajectory The rocket is now describing how debris that can “escape” colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere will fall somewhere parallel to the 41st, and it is likely that it will be somewhere in the Atlantic, Pacific, or Indian oceans.

George Lomba, head of the Department of Space for the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), has informed the EFE that the rocket describes an orbit that is closest to and closer to Earth, 220 kilometers to its farthest point and the most Is close to 149

He explained that Rocket It takes 1.5 hours to make a full orbit of the Earth, and that in terms of maintaining the current trajectory, the object will circle the Earth four times during the period in which it is most likely to enter the atmosphere (between 23:00 And 5:00 UTC time).

During that period, and always in terms of maintaining the current trajectory, the rocket would describe four different orbits around the Earth, and three of them passed through Spanish territory for a minute, Xavier Lomba explained.

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