Internet Cuba Blackout: Impressive Graph Shows How Internet ‘Shut Down’ in Cuba | Click | Technology in Caracol Radio

  Internet Cuba Blackout: Impressive Graph Shows How Internet 'Shut Down' in Cuba |  Click |  Technology in Caracol Radio

Unused to watch street riots on TV and, even less so, for police to use batons, tear gas or firing shots in the air, Cubans still digest Historic protests last Sunday against the government and the ‘Castro’ regime.

The demonstrations also had an impact on the digital world, and their visualizations were used with the hashtag . done through #SOSCuba with which hundreds of people He shared pictures and videos of the situation in the country.

network monitoring

Forum cantico, a cloud-based network analysis software showed clarity How did the blocked network behave in Cuba?.

According to the given information, The most noticeable drop occurred during the first minutes after 8:00 p.m. And then it went off around 8:15, but then dropped at 8:30.

Now, one of the Internet monitoring services called NetBlock has also confirmed that as of Monday, state Internet provider ETECSA shows Internet stalled amid anti-government protests

According to information from Netblocks, a similar pattern of restrictions on social media was identified during San Isidro protests for artistic freedom in Havana in November 2020.

Demonstrations calling for social and political freedom have expanded over the past year, and Police flooded the streets on Monday when it was learned that social media restrictions had come into force.

other matters

It should be remembered that this type of practice takes more and more force during protests. For example, in the national strike in Colombia in recent months, Service drop also recorded in Cali, is one of the cities that has submitted the highest number of complaints related to abuse of power and civil conflict.

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This type of exercise puts the right to disseminate information on alert. Well, unlike previous protests, today The Internet has become a favorite place to go viral and make visible facts that were previously ‘hidden’.

In fact, from the Netblox platform they call upon governments: “Netblox recommends that governments comply with international standards and Internet governance frameworks and Ensure reliable internet connectivity even in times of political unrest“, they repeat.


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