Internet is often much slower than promised

Internet is often much slower than promised
Better too slow than too fast. Broadband connections that provide slower internet than contracted ones are still the order of the day. In fixed networks, for example, only 36.5 percent of users reach or exceed the contractually agreed-upon maximum download data rate. it goes from Federal Network Agency’s Annual Report on Broadband Measurements 2020/2021 out.

According to this, 83.5 percent of the users got at least half of the download rate fixed in the contract. The numbers are aggregated across all bandwidth classes and providers.

Bottom Line in Mobile Communications

The level for mobile communications is quite low: across all classes and providers, only 2.6 percent of downloads reach or exceed the contracted download rate (2019/2020: 2.1 percent). 20.1 percent of users (2019/2020: 17.4 percent) received at least half of the contractually agreed-upon maximum rate.

Since there was a change in the way measurement campaigns are evaluated for stationary connections, only the results for mobile connections are comparable with results from previous years.

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