Introducing the Sony Bravia XR, the most complete TV for PlayStation 5.

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Sony to recommend perfect for playstation 5 Developed and installed on the product BRAVIA XR Every particular model specially designed to work perfectly with PlayStation 5 to provide a new level of gaming experience with better and more exciting picture and sound system than ever before.

perfect for playstation 5 Comes with 2 latest features: Auto HDR Tone Mapping And auto style portrait mode It also supports frame rates up to 120fps with the ultra-sharp 4K resolution defined in HDMI 2.1 in compatible games. What’s more, there’s a low 6.0ms input lag on the Z9J which can automatically switch to game mode. This will significantly reduce the lag while playing the game. It also provides a smooth and responsive gaming experience. Especially in shooting games, sports games and high performance games. while the product Sony Bravia XR Sony’s latest and greatest image quality is surprisingly realistic. It also offers bright colors and high contrast. Combined surround sound that matches the movement. It’s the uniqueness of the screen technology that puts you in the center of the action. Be it playing games or watching movies it is meant to provide the best gaming experience to the players.

Sony Bravia XR Playstation 5

Exclusive features of Perfect for PlayStation 5 on BRAVIA XR

Auto HDR Tone Mapping Mode

with mode Auto HDR Tone Mapping available in BRAVIA XR HDR settings can be adjusted automatically to suit the PS5. Meanwhile, the PS5 recognizes each Bravia TV and selects the best HDR setting to suit your TV. HDR tones can also be matched to match the Bravia TV’s performance requirements, allowing significant detail and color to be seen even in high-contrast scenes, such as in a racetrack game. In Gran Turismo 7, you get more detailed objects. To know how to determine the direction of the next movement

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*Subject to software on both PS5 and BRAVIA which will be updated at the end of January 2022.

auto style portrait mode

with mode auto style pictures available in BRAVIA XR Can detect whether you are playing a game or watching a movie or your favorite show. So the system will automatically switch to game mode when you play the game. This will reduce the delay. and effectively lags during the game making it more responsive to game play

As well as being able to adjust to Standard mode while watching your favorite movies, the focus can be on image processing for more expressive images, via streaming services or from Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs on the PS5.

*Auto Genre Picture Mode will be available via software update on both PS5 and BRAVIA by the end of January 2022.

Sony Bravia XR Playstation 5

Enhance your entertainment experience with audio products from Sony.

For BRAVIA XR Sony is ideal. For use in conjunction with many of Sony’s audio products such as the HT-A9 home theater system or the HT-A7000 and HT-A5000 sound bars.

What’s more, it can be directly connected to the PS5 to experience the entertainment from the mode. Auto HDR Tone Mapping and mode auto style pictures which is a special task BRAVIA XR Completely

Interested parties can ask for more information. Sony Information Center on Tel. 0-2715-6100 or travel


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