iOS 15.2 Update Can Reset Locked iPhone Without Connecting to MacBook

iOS 15.2 Update Can Reset Locked iPhone Without Connecting to MacBook

Yogyakarta – Apple has released the iOS 15.2 operating system update. One of the advantages of this operating system is that iPhone users do not need to connect their smartphone to the MacBook first in order to reset the device.

It will also make it easier for users to forget your device password. Users can reset the device by entering security lockout mode if they have updated the operating system to iOS 15.2.

Previously, iPhone users had to connect their device to their MacBook if they had problems with their iPhone device and wanted to reset their iPhone.

However, currently resetting iPhone can be easily done by users by updating the operating system to iOS 15.2. Users can use Erase iPhone, and can reopen locked screen by security lockout.

If You Don’t Know How To Use Erase iPhone Feature In iOS 15.2 Update, Below Is The Team Butter We have compiled the steps you can take.

iOS 15.2 . How to reset locked iPhone in

To reset a locked iPhone without connecting the device to the MacBook, users can use the Erase iPhone feature available on iOS 15.2.

Automatically, the Erase iPhone feature will appear when your device is locked and enters security lockout mode. The Erase iPhone option will appear in the lower right corner of your device.

Next, users can click on Erase iPhone option and confirm to use the feature.

In the next section, users will be asked to enter your Apple ID along with the password. Afterwards, the device will reset automatically without connecting to the MacBook.

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However, users should also make sure that your device is connected to the Internet, either via WiFi or cellular data, as using Erase iPhone requires an Internet connection.

For the record, before using this feature the user must ensure that you cannot log into your iPhone device again. The reason is that if you use Erase iPhone, the data on your device will be erased.

To ensure that your data is safe, users are advised to take regular backups on their iPhone devices so that they can easily restore it in case of unwanted problem.

This is how you can do to reset locked iPhone using Erase iPhone. You can use this feature if the user has updated the operating system to iOS 15.2.


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