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On the morning of August 2 it was reported that Apple has been improving its experience since the launch of Find My. iOS 15 brings some new features to the system “Find,” including real-time location and a new feature to track the iPhone even after erasing or turning it off.


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real-time location

When a user uses the ‌Find‌ app to view the location of friends or family members (prior authorization required), continuous updates to their location will be displayed instead of refreshing the new location every few minutes as before .

Apple says the feature is designed to provide speed, direction and progress instantly when users see someone’s location.

Find a lost device that has been turned off

Find My in iOS 15 can track devices that have been locked in China. If the device is taken away by a thief, it can be found even when it is in close proximity to another Apple device.


can be found even after shutdown

Apple didn’t specify how this function works, but the U1 chip will continue to supply power in the background via Bluetooth or NFC. Even if the user’s device is turned off or out of power, the battery may continue tracking for a while while the battery is still charged. until the battery is completely depleted. This function actually comes from AirTag. It is expected that the Bluetooth component is still working, but other functions are turned off.

In fact, similar functions also appear in the Apple Pay Transportation Card or Car Keys function.iPhoneIt can last for about five hours after it is turned off. In this case, if the power to your iPhone goes out, you won’t be able to exit the station to swipe your card or drive.

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To use this function, the “Find” network function must be enabled. It is turned on by default.

locate lost device erased

If someone steals your iPhone and then erases it, it will still be displayed in the “Find” app in iOS 15 and can be tracked even after it’s erased.

This function is associated with Activation Lock to prevent illegal elements from using its “iPhone” without the owner’s Apple ID and password. In iOS 14 and earlier iOS systems, erasing the device will leave Activation Lock open, and the user’s “iPhone” cannot be used without a password, but after erasing the device, the “Find” function will be invalidated.

But now, if Activation Lock is turned on (that is, the device is unlocked without using the user’s username and password), it will still be associated with the user’s account for hundreds of years of erasure, and the “Find” function can be used.

And in this case the iPhone will indicate on “Hello Interface” that the device is locked after booting to prevent illegal transactions.

forget the alert

Also known as separate alarm. With this function, the Search app can send alarms to other devices the user carries with them, and let the user’s iPhone pop up a notification reminder.


Get reminded even if you forget something

Forgetfulness also applies to AirTag and third parties that support “find network”.Facing.The usage scenario is that the user takes the iPhone to go, and inserts the wallet ormacbookforget aboutcoffeeIn the museum, the iPhone will inform the user.

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Separation Alerts can be turned on in the “Find” app and need to be turned on for each item owned by the user. Users can also set exceptions, so if users intentionally leave something at home without taking them off, they won’t receive an alert.

Find my AirPods

For AirPods Max and AirPods Pro, the search network can provide an approximate location if these items are lost.

AirPods have always appeared in the ‌Search app‌, but as of now, their functions are limited. In iOS 14 and earlier versions of iOS, AirPods Pro/Max are displayed in “Find”, but if they are not within Bluetooth link range of the user’s own device, the user can only see their last link location.


Headset function similar to AirTag

But now, these items, like the AirTag, can use other people’s devices to locate themselves.

“Find” Widget

The iOS 15 system has a “Find” widget that users can add to the home screen or “Today” view to track an item at a glance without having to open the “Find” app. There are two sizes of widgets to adapt to different usage habits.


Find Widget Coming

Correctipadand mac support

Most of the “Find” functions that haven’t been mentioned are available for the iPhone, but on the iPad, it also supports separating alarms, widgets, and the real-time location of family and friends.

If you upgrade to a Mac with macOS Monterey, it supports widgets and real-time location of family and friends. Offline tracking of erased devices in Germany.

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At present, the iOS 15 system is still in the testing phase, and the official version is expected to be provided in September, but we do not recommend that ordinary users give themselves the only main force.a mobile phoneUpgrade to beta version.


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