iOS 16 brings back battery percentage, users are confused

iOS 16 brings back battery percentage, users are confused

Made by Apple 5 years ago notch Introduced on iPhone. Because this reduced the space in the status bar, the percentage display of the remaining battery was removed at the same time. Now Apple has Battery indicator returned in percentage and caused some confusion.

in the latest version of ios 16 beta iPhone users can decide for themselves whether they prefer to use the remaining battery numberless bar icon either percentage with battery symbol want to see.

Percentage can be deactivated and activated

misleading representation

Among other things, confusion arose with the way Apple implemented the battery icon and its display. now only iphone 50 percent batterybecause it will battery icon is still full As shown, only the percentage shows that the battery is half full.

The reason for the misleading representation is the fact that the percentage is primarily well read Should be. Showing a full battery symbol when the battery is only half full is really not optimal and can cause minor misunderstandings for a while.

only when remaining battery less than 20 percent drops, the battery symbol is displayed accordingly. Because then there will be enough space on the empty surface”20%“. At the same time, the symbol turns red to indicate that the battery is about to run out.

5G or 50 percent?

Apple offers, possibly for reasons of space off course notDisplay percentage and battery icons separately and together. This is possible with most Android phones, but there hasn’t been a wide bar notch for a long time.

Some iPhone users also report that a quick look There has been confusion over the performance. In such cases, 5G Confused With 50 Percent Remaining Battery Similarly with 40 percent and 4G as well as 30 percent and 3G.

that cellular icon Displays right next to the battery icon in the status bar. A quick look at the iPhone display can actually get a little confusing here.

Changes can still be made

After the uproar over the new percentage display, it will be interesting to see if Apple any change I will Currently available are in iOS 16 version beta version, There are still a few weeks to go until the final version of iOS 16, which means it’s also possible to change the performance of the remaining battery.

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