iPhone 12 is officially marketed, buyers are ready to queue

iPhone 12 is officially marketed, buyers are ready to queue


iphone 12 In Indonesia is officially launched by Erajaya from tomorrow. Today queues were seen at various iBox stores selling the next generation iPhone 11.

“The new iPhone 12 came out on ibox. Look at the good guys, I think it’s buying until it’s in the queue,” a netizen wrote today reporting the excitement of Apple fanboys.

“The epidemic said … but those who queued for iPhone 12 orders on the iBox were like the people standing in the queue for Ruskin,” the other wrote.

“He said that the country was in crisis, but the people in the queue wanted to take the PO and buy the right Iphone 12,” wrote the next post.

Despite the epidemic, the presence iphone 12 Welcomed with high enthusiasm. This has been seen since the opening of the initial order for Apple’s new cellphone a week ago. Araya itself has implemented health protocols to keep physical purchases at a short distance and limiting the number of consumers in the store, so that it may trigger the queue.

“Given the high demand for the iPhone 12, we urge customers to follow all health protocols and instructions from their authorities when purchasing or taking pre-orders. This is to ensure the comfort and safety of all parties Is, “Voice Director, Joy Wahjudi some time ago CEO of 3C & International Business Erajaya Plaza

Apple fans also spoke. “It was really difficult (pre-order), many times it had flaws because a lot of people also wanted to order. But in the end, I was very happy,” said Dacey, who is among the official iPhone 12 holders in Indonesia Is one of

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Deasy himself bought a silver iPhone 12 Pro Max. This version was chosen because they previously used a dark iPhone.

When confirmed, Hassan Aula, as vice president of Iraia Group, agreed that the excitement for the iPhone 12 was so high. While it is still in the grip of an epidemic, it has not diminished the interest of Indonesians in the successor to the iPhone 11 cellphone.

“From pre-orders to officially released today, the market is very bullish. In fact.” iphone 12 People are waiting for it, “said Hassan. Iraia sells this mobile phone through its retail stores, iBox, Erafone, Urban Republic and Erascape.

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