Iranian security forces shot protesters in Ahwas

Iranian security forces shot protesters in Ahwas

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Ahvaz (Iran International) – 17/07/2021. 13:10

ahwazi It goes out of its way in front of the Iranian regime, and demonstrations are expanding to all Ahwazi cities.

Visited several cities of the province ahwaziDemonstrations at night against water scarcity, in the south-west of Iran.

Reports indicate that in the towns of Ma’shore, Kot Abdullah, Khorramshahr (al-Muhamra) and Mulla Thani, protesters blocked roads and set tires on fire.

Fars News Agency, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards, confirmed the outbreak of the protests different ahwazi cities Including “Al-Hamidiyah, Al-Falaiyah, Al-Khafaziyah, Al-Zarqan District in Ahwas, Ma’shor, Kut Abdullah, Al-Muhamra and Malathani.”

The Fars news agency also announced a gathering of “Ahwazi clerics” tomorrow morning, Saturday, to protest against the water shortage crisis in the governorate.

Yesterday (Thursday) evening, social media circulated reports from the protest gatherings of people from Hamidiyah, Ma’shor, Busaitin, Khafazia, Shush, Muhammara, Qalat Kanan, Al Falahiyah and other areas of the city. Ahvaz.

Iranian security forces shot at protesters in the city ahwazi

Iranian security forces fired in the air and tear gas shells at some of these gatherings.

Some photos posted on social networks from Suzangard (al-Khafazia) indicate that security forces opened fire to disperse the demonstrators.

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