Is WhatsApp going to be deleted? Facebook in dramatic move

  Is WhatsApp going to be deleted?  Facebook in dramatic move
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The timer is starting to count backwards: Facebook today took an important step toward eliminating the separation between its various apps, when it compared the features of the Messenger app almost exclusively to the features of private messages on Instagram. Gave.

From now on, Messenger and Instagram users can create group chats that members use from both apps, and whenever a group user types a message, all members, in both apps, will see an indication of it, unlike the previous situation , where “typing” alerts were displayed in each. “Only for users of a single application.

Plus, Instagram posts now have many of Messenger’s features, such as interactive surveys and watching shared videos within chat, where anyone can pause and play the video and everyone will see the same segment at the same time . With the introduction of this feature on Instagram, there is also support for watching IGTV and Reel videos simultaneously on both the apps.

It’s a significant move, after Facebook last year began allowing Messenger and Instagram users to chat with each other between apps, without requiring a user to switch to another social networking app. The company has now compared the features available in both the apps to possibly merge them so that Messenger is the communication app for both Facebook and Instagram. The company clearly intends to take a similar step with WhatsApp in the future as well, although it has promised countless times that it will not force WhatsApp users to switch to Messenger, but will only allow them to talk to Messenger users. as if it were a single app.

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    If Messenger is already deleted, WhatsApp is not


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    whatsapp is a brand



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