It is even easier! Samsung TV allows users today to command in Thai via Google Assistant.

  It is even easier!  Samsung TV allows users today to command in Thai via Google Assistant.

Samsung (Samsung) Samsung TV allows users to use Thai voice commands on Google Assistant to expand the use of intelligent command systems to cover all groups of people. Being able to search for information or command TV independently

Currently, about 25 percent of the average user of a voice assistant is in the United States. And it is expected to grow 92.3 percent in 2023, which is expected to increase the number of people using voice control systems in a similar way around the world. As more users gain access to the device and understand digital innovation. Especially with millennials who are critical to the growth of voice activated users. It stands out for speed, efficiency and ease of use. Samsung is committed to continuously develop all functions to meet the growing needs of consumers.

In 2020, Samsung has upgraded its TV controls to support Google Assistant for a broader and more accessible user experience. With the advent of the Google Assistant system on Samsung TVs, users can use their voice to browse information such as weather forecasting. Daily news update controls movie playback including searching for favorite TV programs on supported Samsung TV models.

In 2021, Google Assistant on Samsung TVs can now support Thai voice commands. Makes it easy for everyone to command in familiar language Just pick up the remote and press and hold the mic button to perform the command. Samsung TV users supported Google Assistant by connecting your TV and smartphone to the same Internet network and Settings> General> Voice> Select Assistant. You can easily activate by going to Voice (Voice Assistant) and select Google Assistant as your voice assistant. Before confirming the settings via smartphone

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Samsung TV models that support Thai TV Assistant will now have to update software to QLED 8K / 4K 2020, Crystal UHD TV 2020 (TU8000 and above), The Frame 2020, The Serif, The Sero and The Terrace 2020.Users. To activate the system for the latest version of TV

You can learn how to set up Google Assistant on your Samsung TV. or People interested in Samsung TV products can find information on you


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