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Less and less with the advent of iOS 15. Meanwhile, a new super novelty has been announced

iOS 15, a super novelty will increase concentration for users (Getty Images)

Apple has always taken care of itself Operating System and features requested by users. Over the years, there have been several updates that have done nothing but render use iphone 360 degrees at most. it will come soon iOS 15 which, in all likelihood, will be launched just before iPhone 13.

few days ago, king of cupertino Officially revealed some of the main additions that will make up the updated operating system. There are some very interesting things that have already been discussed many times, while others have gone through sly. between them, focus mode: Here’s what it is.

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iOS 15, maximum concentration will be with focus

iOS 15
Here are all the details about the Focus, probably shortly before the launch of the iPhone 13 (Photo: Getty)

you know classic mode Do Not Disturb on iPhone? Launched by Apple several years ago, it allows you to hide all key notifications so as not to lose user concentration. Together iOS 15, There will be an upgrade of sorts with an even more updated version full of offers. it will be called focus, and will give users the ability to choose between preset modes or create a new one.

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that way no one will be able to bother while working or sleeping. You can silence your choice of alerts and notifications from apps, or select people who can contact you. There’s an option too.”however inform“, which will send in-app alerts as messages. Everything can be activated or deactivated as well Every day at a certain time.

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