Jack Dorsey tweeted first as NXT – and it could get 2.5 million

Jack Dorsey tweeted first as NXT - and it could get 2.5 million

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Twitter boss Jack Dorsey wants to auction a digital copy of the first tweet as NXT shortly before the stage’s 15th birthday. The highest bid is $ 2.5 million.

Non-Fangable Token (NXT) Currently experiencing a small boom. NXT auctions with crypto art or digital collector’s items are currently changing hands, sometimes for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even venerable British auction house Christie has jumped on the bandwag and is currently auctioning off an NXT work of art by digital artist Beeple (Mike Winkelman). Now Twitter boss Jack Dorsi is also trying his luck.

NXT version of 1 tweet under the hammer

Dorsey Valubles is auctioning a digital copy of the first tweet on the website a few days before the microblogging platform’s 15th birthday. On March 21, 2006 – as the elders among you will remember – Dorsey (@jack) posted the first short message on Twitter. Contents: “Just setting up my twttr”. A tweet packaged as NXT can now change hands for a few million dollars.

According to information On valuables There are currently $ 2.5 million on offer (as of March 7, 2021, 7:00 pm CET). The highest bidder is Sina Estavi, CEO of Bridge Oracle. CNBC reports. TRON Crypto Project founder Justin Sun previously raised his bid from $ 500,000 to $ 2 million. Let’s see if any bidder still wants to bid more than $ 2.5 million. He would have to add at least $ 250,000 to the previous offering.

Non-figurative tokens are non-interchangeable in nature and thus enable the buyer of the unique digital tweet version to hold a unique piece in their hands. On Valuables it states: “There is only one signed version of the tweet. If the manufacturer approves the sale, you can keep it forever ”. Tweets from the premiere of the original, Dorsey, however, will remain available to the public. Until the tweet is deleted.

Twitter boss is a fan of bitcoin

Dorsey has long been considered a proponent of cryptocurrency. Recently, Dorsey and US rapper Jay-Z had over 19 million euros in a new Bitcoin Foundation called BTSTR Plugged in. Only the hashtag #bitcoin can be found in his Twitter bio. Dorsey’s second company, Square Payment Services last $ 170 million investment in bitcoin. And here it Square (Dorsey) Tidal Purchase (Jay-Z) Observers expect a push from the NXT music auction.

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