James Webb’s first photo to be released today

James Webb's first photo to be released today

At 11:00 pm, US President Joe Biden will unveil the first of many photographs taken by the new space telescope.

Joe Biden Can’t wait to see the first pics dated James Webb Space Telescope was shot. One is left with him, which he can now present to the world on Monday evening. around 11:00 PM It will be Central European Summer Time “Preview Program” at the White House To give. The first web image will appear simultaneously on NASA websites, esa And csa (Canada) is published.

Tune in on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM

on Tuesday full set One of the first images to be released from the James Webb Space Telescope. around 4:30 pm This will happen in an event organized in parallel by space agencies and will be live streamed. The telescope promises to provide a glimpse into the early days of the universe, when the first stars twinkled and galaxies were born.

The telescope sent the first test images to Earth at the beginning of the year – including pictures of a star and a selfie. The publication of the photographs, which is planned for Tuesday, is now considered “to the fullest enjoyment”. Demonstrating the Scientific Capabilities of the WebThese images show, among other things, the Carina Nebula, where strange-looking dust and gas formations are accumulating, the galaxy cluster “Stephen’s Quintet” and the giant exoplanet “Wasp-96b”.

new world view of nature

“What we will see on July 12 is not just an image,” tweeted the Swiss NASA research director. Thomas Zurbuchen recently. This is a new world view of nature. for decades, centuries and millennia hidden secrets will be revealed.

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Webb is the most powerful and most expensive telescope ever built. It is said to represent the early days of the universe 13 billion years Explore and thus look back only a few hundred million years after the Big Bang. Astronomers hope to draw the first conclusions about the formation of stars and galaxies. The web recording should also show whether there are habitable planets with water resources.

Scientific work can start

After the James Webb Telescope completed its 1.5 million kilometer journey into space in December last year, it was time to build a giant. sun shield expand, align mirrors and To calibrate equipment and to test. Now after 6 months the scientific mission can start.

The Webb mission is a collaboration between the space agencies ESA, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency CSA. Launched in 1989, the project was originally scheduled to go live in the early 2000s. However, new problems delayed the project for years, and the cost tripled about $10 billion, The start had to be postponed several times.


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