James Webb’s Observation Mode Has Failed

James Webb's Observation Mode Has Failed

The James Webb Telescope has a minor technical problem.

© NASA GSFC/CIL/Adriana Manrique Gutierrez

An instrument from the James Webb Telescope shines technical fault to keep. This allows binoculars according to nasa Not using observation mode.

Overall Space Telescope Stand 17 observation modes Available, all capable of detecting different wavelengths of radiation. in a system of mid-infrared equipment (Mid-Infrared Instrument, MIRI), however, according to NASA, it came 24 august For a technical problem.

“Increased friction” with forged wheels

one in Send The space agency speaks of “increased friction.” grid wheelA type of gear wheel that allows researchers to switch between short, medium and long wavelengths in their observations.

The total of MIRI is 4 observation modes, but due to defects, “medium-resolution spectroscopy” is not possible at the moment. However, NASA insists that the rest of the telescope works as expected. is working, Strategies are already being worked out to restore functionality as quickly as possible.

James Webb Telescope’s coolest instrument

MIRI is one of the main instruments of the James Webb Telescope. It can find distant objects in the middle infrared range watch. These wavelengths have the advantage that they are also dust clouds can enter the universe. This makes stars and galaxies visible that cannot be seen with an optical telescope. but also interstellar gas cloud Thanks to MIRI, it can be viewed with an unprecedented level of detail.

MIRI is being assembled on Earth.

At the same time, MIRI is the coldest instrument in the telescope. Passive cooling from -233°C cold environment is not sufficient for the device to work. it should be on -267 degrees cold – and therefore only about 6 degrees warmer than absolute zero point,

mission without massive problems

The mission of the James Webb Telescope has so far proceeded without major complications. he gave a brief blow a hit One micro meteorite In the telescope’s primary mirror in late May. Although this did not affect the telescope’s function, NASA said the damage was greater than expected. Even then 20 years Webb must stay in space and send pictures of the universe to Earth.

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