Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson Can’t Call Themselves “Astronauts”

Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson Can't Call Themselves

Jeff Bezos has been to space, but he is not an astronaut.

ITo become an astronaut is not enough to take a short trip in space, no matter what to Richard Branson And Jeff Bezos. As the two billionaires left Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday 11 July and Tuesday 20 July respectively, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decided, amazon boss robbery day, to clarify the definition of the title of “astronaut”, notes BBC. It has chosen a restrictive approach that excludes passengers on “tourist” flights.

In a press release, the organization recalls the terms of receiving an astronaut’s “wings”, specifically in terms of altitude and training. But the FAA adds that an astronaut is a “crew member” who participated in piloting and “contributed to safety during space flight”. So enjoying the journey sitting in your seat doesn’t matter.

a possible honorary distinction

If the US administration seems to want to recognize the difference between a Neil Armstrong and Jeff Bezos, although she does not deny the contribution of billionaires to the development of the space sector. It therefore provides a special distinction for those who contribute to commercial manned flights. However, the FAA recalls that it has absolute discretionary power over the imposition of these honorary “wings”. It would not be up to the flier to declare himself an “astronaut”.

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